MyHousing Login

WWU Universal Account (SSO) Login

You must Confirm Your Enrollment and activate your WWU email. Once your email is active, select the application for the term you’ve been confirmed.

Reasons to use Single Sign-On (SSO) with your universal account:

  • Avoid issues with a temporary login vs. a permanent login
  • Portal accounts are deactivated once you activate your universal account
  • Avoid creating two accounts/passwords
  • Your housing priority (the date you applied to WWU) is not affected by waiting
WWU Universal Login

Use your and the password you created when you claimed your Universal Account.

Temporary Portal Login

If you have not Confirmed Your Enrollment, you will need to create a Temporary Portal Login.

We recommend you wait to apply for Housing until you confirm enrollment.

Temporary Portal Login

Haven't claimed your Universal Account yet?

  1. Once you are admitted you'll receive instructions for claiming your WWU Universal Account.
  2. Once your account is set up, wait until the next day before using your WWU Universal Account (SSO).